More bang for your marketing buck

We work with Backprint to post our photo pages. The following statistics reflect the impact of branded/sponsored photos and show how much positive engagement the photos and the branded site receive:

- Total downloads (about 1-3 times total downloads to participants)
- Unique download sessions (0.25-1 unique download sessions to participants)
- Page views (about 10x views to participants)
- Unique page views (about 5x views to participants)
- Average time on site (about 1-2 minutes)

Let's plug those numbers into a 1,000-person event:

- Total downloads (about 1,000-3,000 downloads)
- Unique download sessions (250-1,000 unique download sessions). This translates to number of unique IP addresses that download photos.
- Page views (about10,000 page views)
- Unique page views (about 5,000 unique)
- Average time on site (90 seconds)

Additionally, Backprint offers social login, which allows the photos and brand reach to go much further. It can track these Facebook metrics when a photo is shared directly from a Backprint storefront:

- Comments (about 2x comments to photos shared)
- Likes (about 15-25x likes to photos shared)
- Impressions (about 200-400x impressions to photos shared)

Again, let's plug in real numbers and say 150 photos were shared to Facebook from an event:

- Comments (about 300 comments)
- Likes (about 2,250-3,750 likes)
- Impressions (about 30,000-60,000 impressions). Impressions are the number of times a photo is displayed on Facebook. The numbers are so high because of the multiplying factor of each person's Facebook friends.

Something else to consider are the personalized, post-race photo emails that will include mention of the sponsor and a link to the sponsor’s Website. More than 50 percent of athletes receiving these emails click the links to check their photos … and in so doing are exposed to mention of the sponsor and the link to the sponsor’s Website.