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Pat Hendrick Photography specializes in event coverage. Whether it's a marathon, a triathlon, skiing, games such as rugby and basketball or equestrian competition, we capture the images that tell the story of your event. Then we get them up quickly to a shopping cart, so participants, their families and fans of the event can have access to a portfolio that captures the action, scenes along the sidelines and the people who make it all come together.
To the event director, it means being able to offer to participants an enhanced experience. Also, through sponsored free photo downloads, you have the opportunity to raise money for special causes or simply to help cover the costs of putting on an event. And free access to our images for promotional use provides you with a wealth of artwork around which you can build you next ad campaign.
Events currently keep us busy throughout Upstate New York and neighboring Pennsylvania and Vermont, but we're open to traveling farther afield.
We learned our trade while shooting for several studios, including international operations that cover high-profile events like the New York Marathon. We offer the same quality coverage ... with our own twists that we think make us better. Plus, because we don't have the high overhead of an international operation, we can take on smaller events that those big studios would avoid.
Our events list is growing and includes the Lake George Triathlon Festival, Mountain Goat Run, Stockade-athon 15K, Lake Placid Marathon and Half-Marathon, Covered Bridges Half-Marathon, Troy Turkey Trot, Adirondack Marathon and Half-Marathon, Scranton Half-Marathon, ATC Endurance triathlons, Mad Marathon and Half-Marathon, Black Fly Challenge Bike Race and Empire State Marathon, Half-Marathon and 10K.
We post most photos late on the same day as the event. Tagging of photos by bib number is complete the next day.
What makes us different than the average photographer is that we shoot multiple images of each competitor -- portraits of the athlete in action. We also use our photos to tell the story of your event, so you can expect images not only of the racers, but also of family members there to offer support and volunteers. Racer photos are indexed by bib numbers, making it easy for people to find themselves among what usually are thousands of images we will post for the event.
Our race followup includes personalized email to each of your event participants showing samples of their photos. This special service requires a copy of your participant list with email addresses, so that the lab's computer can put copy and photos together for an attention-getting campaign. Concerned about the privacy of people on your email list? So are we. Pat Hendrick Photogaphy and Backprint, the lab that generates the email campaign, never share their lists with outsiders.

Two ways of working with us:

-- If you have a large event, a basic shopping cart may work for you. With it, there is no appearance fee, and athletes are offered a broad range of digital and print products to celebrate the event.
-- Something that is gaining popularity among race directors is the opportunity to give athletes unlimited, no-charge access to their photos via a download site. This offers your event a valuable extra swag item. For this option, we charge a fee per racer. This is an excellent way for larger events to compete more strongly and for smaller events to make professional photo services available. Find a sponsor to cover our fee plus a profit for the event. The sponsor's logo appears on every photo, plus the sponsor is invited to supply a jpeg-formatted ad that will appear on the opening photo page and will be linked to the company's Website. The sponsor gets at least two years of attention via the downloads page. And for athletes who still would like to purchase prints, we provide that, too, at no charge to you. Send an email to to ask for details of how it works.
-- Photos usually are posted on the event day. When the photo page goes active, athletes receive a notification email. Within 24 hours later, everything is tagged by bib numbers. At that time, a second email goes out, this one with sample photos for the individual athletes.
-- What makes us different is that we start with the "ideal image" the big studios taught us to shoot, then shoot, shoot, shoot as the competitor gets closer to us. We've found those sequences and the tight images depicting the effort being expended by the athletes are popular. We also will shoot what's going on around the race --- the volunteers and the families.
 -- You will have free access to anything we post for publicity purposes. Just send a list of file numbers from the shopping cart, and you will receive via email high-resolution copies, so you have everything you need for print or Internet advertising of the next event. In the case of branded events, the sponsor also has this access.
-- We will add you to the coming events list on our Website, with a link to your Website.

What we need from you:

-- A note on your event Website saying Pat Hendrick Photography is the official event photographer and including a link to our Webpage ( We will send along a copy of our logo that can be dropped into your event page. You will be notified when the shopping cart is ready -- usually later on race day. If you have a social media presence, such as on Facebook, the official photographer note also needs to appear there.
-- A copy of your registration list providing names, bib numbers and email addresses. This usually is provided by the timing company. We will use this information to generate personalized emails to the athletes to announce the availability of photos and offer an early look at them.
To inquire about coverage of your event, please call 518-327-3342 or email

Freelance photographers:

We always are looking for skilled hands for our team. If you're skilled and have professional-grade equipment, contact us. Our growing list of events means plenty of opportunities. We pay per hour spent shooting, and best of all, there is no "check's in the mail." We pay within two business days via direct deposit.